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EU–Japan connectivity and pandemic resilience in the Indo-Pacific (25 March 2022, European Policy Centre)

As like-minded partners, both Japan and the EU place a strong emphasis on liberal values and rules- based governance, domestically and internationally. At this critical stage in international affairs, Japan and the EU need to advance their own strategic agendas by reaffirming their strong commitment to the rules-based international order, including the global trading system, the climate change regime and multilateral security arrangements to deal with traditional and emerging threats and the path towards post-Covid-19 recovery.

Security at the frontier
UK–Japan perspectives on cyberspace, outer space, the Arctic and electronic warfare (10 December 2020, Chatham House)

As middle powers with shared characteristics and outlooks, the UK and Japan are well placed to work together in a number of new security areas. This report draws on the Chatham House ‘Security at the Frontier’ conference to examine the latest developments in cyberspace, outer space, the Arctic and electronic warfare.

Further collaboration between the UK and Japan will allow both countries to learn from each other’s experiences in dealing with challenges in these new frontiers, such as cyberattacks, and ultimately bolster the rules-based international order.

Competition and Cooperation: The Interests of China and Russia in the Arctic Region (10 November 2020, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute)

China, Japan, and South Korea may look as if they have different agendas in the Arctic. Aki Tonami, an associate professor at the University of Tsukuba, however, explained that the three countries share the broader sense of security, which includes energy (transport of oil, Arctic LNG transport routes), climate change and food in the Arctic. China, Japan and South Korea have maintained a complex dance of competition and cooperation among themselves - and this dance continues in the Arctic.

The Nordic countries are concerned by the prospect of becoming backyard of great powers. According to Tonami, Japan can offer alliance to hedge.

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